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jane, you ignorant slut.
22 July 1989
New York City, New York, United States
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St. Ann's School - Brooklyn NY (1997 - 2003)
Central Park East Secondary School - New York NY (2003)
Middletown High School - Middletown NY (2003 - 2007)
Borough of Manhattan Community College - New York NY (2009 - 2010)
Hunter College, City University of New York - New York NY (2010 present)
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501s, 90210, ac/dc, acrylic nails, anthony mackie, appreciate brand new, ari gold, astoria, audrey hepburn, bad british rock, banana republic, bayside, beacon's closet, being faux british, being in love, ben affleck, bethenny frankel, better than you, big brother, blackflag, blair waldorf, bloomberg, bradley cooper, brand new, break-ups, bret easton ellis, bronx, brooklyn, burlesque, butch walker, casey affleck, chanel, chevelle, chris evans, cloves, coffee and cigarettes, cvs, dan savage, djarum blacks, does he love you?, edie sedgwick, emily giffin, explain twilight, eye shadow, fashion, fight clubs, francia raisa, garbage, general hospital, glamorama, goodfellas, hating joe jonas, henry rollins, her space holiday, james deen, james lafferty, jason mraz, jersey shore, jewish boys, john mayer, joy lenz, just stop talking, kelly kelly, law school, lawyers, lindsay lohan, ludo, make-up, manuel ferrara, marc jacobs, maria kanellis, mark ronson, matt and kim, mel brooks, middle eastern boys, neil patrick harris, new york city, nikon, only henry rollins, pharmacies, photography, pina coladas, rachel bilson, randy orton, redbull, rilo kiley, river phoenix, roadtrips, sasha grey, scarlett johansson, sexdrugsrocknroll, shane west, shirley manson, sidewalks, snow patrol, sophia bush, staying classy, stripaerobics, tattoos, teachers, teaching, the cure, the twelfth night, the who, tom everett scott, tumblr, vodka, winehouse, wizards of waverly place, writing, zac posen, zadie smith

she may look young for her age but she's brave beyond her years.
girl sasha. twenty one years young. originally from the bronx. student. education major. certified pharmacy technician. future high school history(or english?) teacher. yoga and tea enthusiast. reality tv junkie. ridiculous affinity for cosmetics. weird obesession with wwe. high maitenance. judgemental. too much interest in music for her own good. undying devotion for henry rollins.unhealthy attraction to adam goldberg. i adore anthony mackie. my friends and i are reinventing the social network. i don't get harry potter. or twilight. i start ramblng about river phoenix when i'm drunk. i'm horribly indecisive. meant to be a british jewish vegan in another life. kind of obnoxious. kind of a snob. all sorts of ridiculous. heart of gold. neurotic but never boring. a true new york girl at heart.
la musica brand new. henry rollins. something corporate. sigor rus. foo fighters. her space holiday. jay z. jason mraz. kings of leon. john mayer. fiona apple. tupac. ac/dc. cobra starship. the weakerthans. vampire weekend. hendrix. the beatles. george michael.
quotable there are certain shades of the limelight that can ruin a girl's complexion. - holly golightly.

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