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So at work we play Mumford and Sons now. And while this new selection of music has me ecstatic since I can't remember getting excited over the music CVS plays since I heard a Sufjan song playing, I'm also somewhat disappointed since their latest album is pretty much the same song over and over. /end random rant.

Speaking of work, it is a hot mess of sorts. Our staff has dropped considerably since two girls I was particularly close with were fired. For stealing. None of us can really wrap our heads around it -- because really, stealing is wrong, but aside from that, why would you ever steal from a place where you are bound to get caught? I don't get it.

The other night Alan came into town, and after a hellish day at work, we went to Social Eatz -- which is conveniently located across the street from my mum's job. We went for the opening night, and tradition for most NYC opening nights are to order an appetizer, main course and dessert. We did just that and aside from being a complete Angelo Sosa fangirl -- all of the food was amazing. Even the desert -- I'm not crazy about brownies, but his sesame seed brownie was so moist and to die for. I didn't have it until the following day ( I was far too full from the appetizer and main course). And then -- to top it off? Angelo comp'd the entire meal, as a means of saying thank you to everyone who came out to support him. We asked our waitress to bring him out so we could thank him/gush over the food gasm/how pretty he is. He came out and exchanged all sorts of pleasantries, took photos and later came by to say goodbye. Eatz is a much better upgrade foodwise than Xie Xie. Considering its super close to my favorite bar, Turtle Bay, I'll definitely be back.


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put sufjan stevens on, and we'll play your favorite song.


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